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For the first time ever, there’s a book that’s perfect for people who are new to Phoenix or who have a new dog in their lives.

Happy Dog Phoenix is an A-Z guide to how to have a healthy, happy dog and enjoy all that metro Phoenix has to offer.

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What’s in Happy Dog Phoenix/ Table of Contents

Living with a Happy Dog 3
Houskeeping and the Happy Dog 4
Dogs and the Car 10
Can Dogs and Yards Get Along? 13
Where to Take Your Dog 17
Blessing the Beast 21
Photographing Your Dog 23
How Green Is Your Dog? 27
Bringing Home a New Best Friend 29
How to Find a Dog Trainer 32
Dogs, Lost 34
Dogs, Found 37
Dogs in the Desert 39
Cool Treats for Hot Dogs 40
Keeping Safe in the Heat 42
Can My Dog Get Sunburned? 46
Stormy Weather 49
Dogs and Desert Critters 51
How to Outfox Wily Coyotes 57
Poodles and Prickly Pears Don’t Mix 60
Winter Visitors and Their Dogs 62
Happy Dogs On the Road 65
Flying with Fido 66
Heading to San Diego with Your Dog 70
Crossing the Border with Your Dog 75
Heading Up North with Your Dog 77
“Stay”-cations 79
Leaving Your Dog Behind 81
The Sporting Life 83
The Wide World of Dog Sports 84
Fit Tips for Your Dog 89
Happy Trails, Rover 91
“Bark Parks”: in Metro Phoenix 94
Dog Park Etiquette 98
Five Places to Take Your Dog 101
Dogs and Arizona 105
Famous Arizona Dogs 106
Digging Up Very Old Dog Bones 108
Dog Scholar: Stanley J. Olsen 111
Dogs in Early Phoenix History 113
Dick of Arizona: Mining Town Mascot 118
From Africa with Love: The Bill O’Brien Story 119
What’s Arizona’s State Dog? 121
Our Favorites 123
Rare Arizona Breed: Cosmo Dog Park 124
Rare Arizona Breed: PetSmart 127
Rare Arizona Breed: PetSmartCharities 129
Rare Arizona Breed: Ryan’s Pet Supplies 131
Your Happy Dog’s Medical Care 133
Dogs Get It Too: Valley Fever 134
When Your Pooch is Hurt 138
Vetting Your Vet 143
Health Insurance for Your Dog 145
Doggy Drugs for Less 148
Your Dog’s Birth Control 150
When Disaster Strikes 152
In Case of Fire 154
Your Dog and the Law 155
Illegal Beagles and Other Dogs 156
Are Your Dogs Barking? 157
Cracking Down on Vicious Dogs 163
When Fido Turns on You 165
Dogs as Heroes 167
Dogs Who Go Above and Beyond 168
Dogs on Duty 172
Dogs as Healers 174