Metro Phoenix Dog Parks

There are several terrific Metro Phoenix dog parks out there, including award winners Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert and Jackass Acres K-9 Corral in New River. Be sure to pack plenty of water and bring along your best manners when you go to the park. Let us know of your experiences.

A couple pointers when going to these metro Phoenix dog parks:

  • Know your dog: If your dog is a little young, a little wild — skip the park. Instead take a turn around the park along the outside of the fence just to get him used to the scene. It’s a nice way to introduce him to the park experience.
  • Bring toys: Be the hit of the park and bring something that all the dogs will love.
  • Have a game plan: Park under a tree or make sure your car is nicely shaded. Getting back into a too-hot car after a big day of romping is no fun for your friend.
  • Ditch the cell phone: Can’t watch the dog and chat on the phone at the same time — and the park offers a nice chance for everyone to interact with humans and other dogs in a nice, friendly setting.
  • Bring poop bags: And use them!
  • Bring water: Can’t stress that enough!

Map of Metro Phoenix Dog Parks