Doggie Gift Guide

You know you are getting the dog a little something extra this holiday.

Why not shop local?

The metro Phoenix area is home to a lot of great entrepreneurs who love dogs as much as you do and their products/stores show it!

Plus, when you visit these local stores and vendors, they welcome your dog as well as you!



In addition to the links on the slideshow, here are links to the products and stores shown:


What's the best toy for Looky?

We’re a Kong house. You can tell because there seems to a dulled bright-red rubber toy in every room. The Beagle wears herself out dragging around her large Kong to torture the treats out of it.

Here are a couple things to consider when stuffing Bowser’s stocking :

1. Rawhides can be great but they require supervision because dogs can choke on them.

2. Don’t leave your dog alone with any toys made up of pieces or anything that can be chewed apart, like a tennis ball. And remember, if it has a squeaker, your dog may destroy the toy to get at it.

3. Vets recommend more interactive toys like Buster Cube and Linkables that make your dog work for their treat.

4. The American Humane Society says a dog should have at least one toy to carry, one to “kill,” one to roll, and one to “baby.”

5. For some dogs, their stuffed toy should be small enough to carry around. For dogs who want to shake or “kill” the toy, the toy should be the size that their “prey” would be (mouse-size, rabbit-size, or duck-size).