New Beagle

art 200
Meet the new Beagle (not really the) same as the old Beagle.

After being in not-so-terrific shape for a while, HoneyBun passed away in early November and it took me only a couple days to realize that the house (and me) needed a dog.

I called Arizona Beagle Rescue and they had Artie ready and willing to check out a prospective new home. I can’t stress enough how great it was to work with a rescue group to find a new dog.  These are kind-hearted people who are dedicated to finding good homes for their dogs. They are selective when it comes to making matches; they want a good fit for canine and human alike.

I told them what kind of beagle I was looking for: sweet, active yet mellow. And the New Beagle, Artie, fits that bill exactly. If only AZBR did human match-making! That’s how good they are at pairing up creatures.

After seven years with HoneyBun, I thought I knew what to expect with having a dog and especially having a beagle. Love of food? Check. Obsession to sniff? Check. Situational good hearing? Check.

But in some ways, Artie is very much different than HoneyBun. Returning to the same breed seems to me to be the best of both worlds: you are comforted by the familiarity of the breed’s tendencies and you are amazed at their individual quirks that we all, dog and human, alike have. Every day has certainly been a new day with Artie.

For all my friends who have lost a cherished pet and haven’t yet adopted – you know who you are — I hope this story helps nudge you a little bit to adopting that new dog. After all, our story has had a happy ending and yours can too.


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