A terrific thing about living in Phoenix is that you can take advantage of some deals and sneak away to one of our swanky local resorts for a good price during the summer.

We’re talking $150 for a room that normally goes for $300 during the high season. And it’s not just the room, it’s the amenities like beautiful swimming pools, lush grounds, activities and the tasty drinks with the umbrellas in them.

But what about the dog?

Bring them with.

Happy Dog Phoenix has already done the homework for you; we have a handy-dandy list of pet-friendly resorts

Of course, it is up to you to pick your palatial spot. Are you in the mood for family fun? Spa get-a-way? Golf and tennis – each of them offers a break from your daily grind.

Note of caution: some resorts are dog friendly but what they really mean is that they will gladly take your money to put up with your dog and that is the extent of their hospitality. Others truly seem delighted for there to be a dog in the house. FireSky Resort and W Hotel are two that come to mind.

See you poolside!

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