Sweet Treats

dogs in phoenix love frozen treats

The monsoons have brought some cooler temps to metro Phoenix but with a price: higher humidity.

Neither The Beagle or I are digging it. Give me 110 degrees – it’s a more straightforward adversary. Humidity is sneakier; you don’t know you are in trouble until you’ve sweated through your shirt – and then you are halfway to heat stroke.

What to do?

When all else fails, think treats. From Holly at Happy Tail Barkery, I got this nifty ice-cube tray that I freeze low-sodium chicken boullion into bone-shaped cubes. This has come in handy because you don’t want to confuse the “special’’ ice cubes with regular ice cubes. Trust me, I ruined my OJ one morning this way.

You can also freeze a chunk of banana, carrot, cheese or hot dog. Keep the chunks small. Vets frown on giving dogs ice cubes because they can crack their teeth on them; the same goes for other frozen treats.

And when all else fails, resort to the Kong. Stuff that sucker with peanut butter or yogurt and freeze it. Again, learn from my mistakes, wait until evening and give your dog this delicacy outside. When it starts melting, this treat can leave a slimy trail of yogurt and dog drool through your house.

Stay cool!

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