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Seasons barkings!

It’s not your imagination. The dog is barking more than normal and it is because of the UPS and FedEx trucks that are trolling the neighborhoods dropping off packages for good little boys and girls or least those whose credit cards aren’t maxed out yet.

Your dog may as a matter of course bark at the mail carrier. A point we have already discussed. But the Fed Ex and UPS trucks provide even more reasons for Fido to throw a fit.

Both carriers’ trucks are designed to run on diesel and because their engines are designed differently than regular passenger vehicles, they give off a different sounding hum. A hum that is apparently the canine version of nails on a chalkboard. Humans can detect any sounds less than 20,000 Hz; dogs can detect frequencies as high as 45,000 Hz. So your dog can definitely hear the UPS truck coming down the road. And, chances are, she can hear the Amazon drones when they approach.

But a Bigger Question is “Will she hear Santa?’’ I am guessing she will and she may bark but that’s OK because Santa, being Santa, just has to be a dog lover.