OHSO Great

Here’s a great springtime activity with your dog: walk along the canal that cuts through the Arcadia portion of Phoenix, say from 32nd Street north of Camelback and down to the O.H.S.O.  Eatery and nanobrewery, at 49th street and Indian School Road.

They have a great back patio that is super dog friendly, with large water bowls that can’t be tipped over and a bin of dog treats.

Dog paw prints in the restaurant lead you back to the patio if you don’t come in along the canal side.

Nanna, the awfully photogenic Black Lab, loved hanging out at O.H.S.O. on a lovely Sunday evening.

We’re adding O.H.S.O. to our ever-expanding list of dog friendly places in
metro Phoenix


  1. Sarahboggan says:

    Nanna is so cute! OHSO’s new patio is so nice and we can’t wait to take Ella there!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking for places to take Sadie.

  3. Jon Lane says:

    Can wait to see your 4 legged family members!

  4. Joanny13 says:

    We were there on Saturday! Great atmosphere! Our babies are going to be joining us!

  5. Melissa says:

    Right now the back patio is only open on the weekends. FYI

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