Sadie’s Hangout

Already thinking of the weekend and looking for a place with a dog-friendly patio?

Patrick suggests the Salty Senorita if you are out in Peoria. He likes the chicken quesadilla; his dog, Sadie, appreciates the grassy areas.

“Dogs are always welcome during the day, but Friday & Saturday nights it’s more of a bar scene, and they usually will turn you away on nights like that,’’ he says.

It would be hard to turn away Patrick’s canine companion, Sadie,
a sweetie pie who is half Akita and half Statffordshire Terrier.

Like many of us, Patrick wasn’t looking for a dog when Sadie came into his life.  His daughter was fostering for Halo Animal rescue. Sadie was one of three female puppies, covered in ticks, abandoned in an ally. His daughter nursed them back to health and wanted to keep one, even though she was headed to the ASU dorms.  Patrick was adamant he wasn’t going to take care of any dog.

Somehow, Sadie stayed and decidely won Patrick over.

“Before she entered my life, I was never really a dog person. She’s a rescue dog, but the truth is I’m the one that was rescued!,’’ he says.

Patrick, thanks for the tip on the Salty Senorita and the great story about Sadie!

We’re adding the Salty Senorita to our ever-expanding list of dog-friendly places.



  1. Kelsy11 says:

    What an awesome story. Gorgeous dog! Patrick is blessed to have a daughter that has so much love for rescued animals. Okay, bringing my pooch to Salty Senorita next week! I’ll order the Quesadilla’s too 🙂

  2. It is articles like these that make all the blood, sweat and tears of rescue worth it! not only did Patrick’s daughter save 3 dogs by her willingness to foster these puppies, Sadie is the perfect example of how a dog’s breed doesn’t define who they can be and that shelter dogs aren’t damaged goods; they’re just victims of the human circumstance they’ve been thrown in to and forced to endure. Well done family! Well done! And congrats to Sadie for saving a human or two along the way! 😉

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